check for request for authentication server allows bypassing?

Peter Warasin peter at
Fri Aug 8 13:49:50 UTC 2008

Hi david

Thank you for your response!

wlanmac wrote:
> I seem to recall commenting it out because I found only checking http
> and https ports was too restrictive. It should probably parse out the
> uamserver url port number to check with, in the case it is not a
> standard port being used. I suppose this can be overcome with adding

Ah, I see. So if one has a different port in the uamserver url, it would 
not work with that check.
Well, makes perfectly sense.

> uamallowed entries for the authip:port.. For your proxy issue, you could
> always run it on another IP address. I would hate to make a change back
> like this only to have many sites, using alternate ports, not work.
> Suggestions are welcome. 

Ok, I understand.

Thank you for clearing this.


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