dynip and staticip

Oguzhan Kayhan oguzhank at bilkent.edu.tr
Fri Nov 7 13:58:10 UTC 2008

What i am trying to do is, to create a small subnet on my network for
static ip devices like servers, ip cameras etc..and authenticate them with
As i see, dynip and statip settings are just for dhcp to distribute ip
addresses or not. What i wonder, is it able to prevent users to give
static ips from dynip range?
I mean if i give a subnet as dynip and if a
user decides to give a static ip on, he is able to connect
to coova.How can i prevent them?

And i got ippool.c: 345: Static out of range error on syslog.
My config is basically like this..

Everythings seem fine i think??

Or should i use only one option(dynip or statip) as Distribute from this
subnet(dynip) or do not distribute that subnet(statip)???

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