another funny problem :)

Oguzhan Kayhan oguzhank at
Tue Nov 11 08:50:35 UTC 2008

> While i was trying to make coovafx-sx work, i noticed that we should use
> the chilli.js for this support.
> So, i copied it to my coova instlalation. made necessary settings for
> index.html and chilli.js for my configuration and made the necessary path
> settings on coova config file too.
> And i restarted chilli.
> That was cool to see the login page and also nice to see the coovafx
> working..
> But.. there was a little problem..
> If i type a correct username/password it gives the error unknown username
> or password.. But if i type anything else i could login to the system.
> really strange to login with anything except the right user/pass couple.
> PS: I also tested the radius config with radtest from the same server with
> coova
> It is working ok with it..And even if i change the uamlogin page to my old
> cgi hotspotlogin page it works too..

I think i figured out the problem but not close to the solution.
As i see, hotspotlogin.cgi uses clean password.And even if i test with
radtest tool it authenticates with clean pass.
But, chilli.js uses chap authentication. And it is making some trouble for
I left uamsecret empty as i read on previous posts..But didnt work.
So is there a way to disable chap and force the login page use clean

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