Very strange problem

Christophe SUIRE christophe.suire at
Tue Jun 9 16:13:16 UTC 2009


I'm using coova-chilli with a multiple instance, link each one to one  
I have now a problem, some web site doesn't work !!!
For example work perfectly, but it's impossible to  
connect to !! The server where chilli is can acces to  
this web site without problem.
I have also some strange packet, because my firewall doesn't allow  
packet other than for the tun device, and i have packets drop which  
come directly from the vlan interface !! Normaly after the login, all  
packet come from the tun ? I think a have all packets that are drop  
directly from the vlan interface.

Please, if someone have an idea .. !! This solution which was working  
without problem before, need to be in production tomorrow !

Thx a lot.

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