Very strange problem

Christophe SUIRE christophe.suire at
Wed Jun 10 14:22:30 UTC 2009


Ok i have found the bug !!
The problem was a firmware bug with my motorola wifi controler !


Le 10 juin 09 à 16:18, kissg a écrit :

> Hello,
> could you please post a debug output of Coova-Chilli? It looks like,  
> you have the same issue as I had: by default, when Chilli gets a  
> packet with a destination address of, it drops the  
> connection immediately. Adding the option "uamlogoutip"  
> to /etc/chilli/config solved this issue for me.
> If this is not the case, please tell us as much information as you  
> can, so we can see what's happening behind the scenes.
> Regards
> Gergely Kiss
> 2009/6/9 Christophe SUIRE <christophe.suire at>
> Hi,
> I'm using coova-chilli with a multiple instance, link each one to  
> one VLAN.
> I have now a problem, some web site doesn't work !!!
> For example work perfectly, but it's impossible to  
> connect to !! The server where chilli is can acces to  
> this web site without problem.
> I have also some strange packet, because my firewall doesn't allow  
> packet other than for the tun device, and i have packets drop which  
> come directly from the vlan interface !! Normaly after the login,  
> all packet come from the tun ? I think a have all packets that are  
> drop directly from the vlan interface.
> Please, if someone have an idea .. !! This solution which was  
> working without problem before, need to be in production tomorrow !
> Thx a lot.
> Chris.
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