Number of Allowed Addresses in Macallowed

Derek C derekchilli at
Thu Jun 25 11:40:41 UTC 2009

> Have you given daloRADIUS a try?

Hi Liran,

daloRADIUS looks very fancy (nice UI).

I've only ever used freeRadius and I must say it seems to be rock solid in
terms of staying up and doing its job.

I do have some mac authentication issues but I think its to do with Coova

What I've realised is that, if mac authentication with Coova Chilli works
pefectly, it should be possible to put a "transparent" Coova Chilli
gateway bettween users and the internet.  If free radius (or any radius
server I guess) were setup to automatically add the user's MAC into a DB
table on demand then user's would never see a splash page but Coova Chilli
would still write accounting data to the DB - this, to me, would be very
useful and it's where I'm trying to get too (a bit painfully but I'm
getting there :) )

Derek C
In Ireland

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