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Derek C derekchilli at
Sun Jun 28 11:47:45 UTC 2009

Hi guys - an update on this...

I've been logging whats happening users hit my splash page and I've been
working on a work-around so that users don't see what's happening even if
there is a glitch.

I'm running Coova Chillia 1.0.13 on OpenWRT and I'm using MAC
authentication with a freeradius server.

This is whats happening now: -

1. A user has access to the Internet because their MAC is in the
freeradius DB (radcheck and usergroup) - all working perfectly

2. Then, for whatever reason the Coova Chilli decides to redirect the user
to my splash page instead of the page they requested

3. On the splash page I first check if the user is in the radcheck table -
they are!  So I redirect them to CC /login page

4. Now instantly Coova Chilli redirects back to the splash page again but
this time I see that the "res" CGI parameter is now set to "already" so
now I redirect the user to the page they really wanted

5. Its works - the users sees their requested page and they are none the
wiser to all this...

I suppose this is not good for users wanting to do stuff that isn't web
related (email, etc) because its the web page access (with my redirects)
that gets them access again..

Also (in point 3 above) I might get away with just be redirecting the user
to the page they want rather than the Coova Chilli /login page - My
reasoning for the /login page is that if they aren't logged in and seeing
the splash page then I should try to force CC to try the login again?

Its funny though isn't it?  Maybe its some kind of time-out with on
macauth happening just after the timeout?


On Wed, June 24, 2009 3:50 pm, Derek C wrote:

> On Wed, June 24, 2009 6:30 am, Urech Bruno wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I had the same issue sometimes too. It seemed to be related to the DHCP
>>  lease policy. The device asks for a new IP, even if still an address
>> is assigned to it. Then you have to stop the reservation (chilli_query
>> logout) for the mentioned session/device and the whole DHCP procedure
>> worked again, after a browser refresh. This issue seems to be much
>> better since 1.0.12 and it occurred the most on 3G iPhones and Nokia
>> N95/N96s,
>> but also sometimes on other devices.
> Hi Bruno,
> I was hoping that the "macreauth" option in 1.0.13 would be the fix to
> that but I'm still seeing the same problem.
> I'm going to update my splash page to redirect back to the Coova Chilli
> /login page again and also write a log entry into the database - this way
> I'll know how often it is happening and, maybe?, the redirecting to the
> /login page will make Coova Chilli try to re-authenticate again (I wonder
> will it?)
> thanks,
> Derek
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