improving chilli memory and areas of slowdown

wlanmac wlan at
Wed May 13 05:08:34 UTC 2009


Wanted to mention a couple things being planned for 1.0.14:

- Reducing (majorly) the initial memory usage by slowing growing the MAC
"connection pool" instead of pre-allocating (already the case for the
"app connection pool" which was converted from static some time ago).

- Removing of the command line and configuration file parsing (and DNS
lookups, etc) from the running server. A couple benefits come to mind:
smaller binary foot-print (cmdline.o only links into the binary
"chilli_opt"); and external binary ("chilli_opt") to parse, resolve, and
build a binary configuration file; and chilli only has to come around to
reload the binary configuration with no possibility of delay (unlike now
where it can get hung up on DNS resolving).  

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