Almost there :D

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Sat May 30 07:31:25 UTC 2009

Awesome, thanks for that. Perhaps the bundle should be put into a
directory in the CoovaChilli source. 


On Sat, 2009-05-30 at 09:20 +0200, kissg wrote:
> Hi César,
> we have customized installations of CoovaChilli at two companies. They
> use it to provide internet access to guests, without risking the
> security of their private network. I've slightly modified the login
> process of CoovaChilli to fit the needs of our customers and to be as
> user friendly as possible. The process looks like this:
> 1. The user opens a browser window and tries to browse a website.
> 2. CoovaChilli redirects the user to the splash page.
> 3. The splash page contains the logo of the company, some welcome text
> and a button, which opens a popup window by using some simple
> JavaScript code.
> 4. A small window appears on the top right part of the screen, asking
> for the login credentials.
> 5. After entering the username and password, the small window gets
> minimized to the taskbar, and the requested page starts to load in the
> main browser window.
> 6. The login window stays opened as long as the connection is alive,
> so the user can see a lot of useful information (like session time,
> total data upload/download, idle timeout, session timeout, etc.).
> There is a button at the bottom of this window, which can be used to
> disconnect from the network. In case the user tries to close this
> window, a warning message appears on screen, telling the user that he
> shouldn't close the window as long as he want to surf the net. I've
> set idle timeout to 10 minutes, so it's not really an issue if someone
> closes the window without logging off first.
> I attached the whole /etc/chilli directory to this message, so you can
> use it as a template. Download the files and customize them for your
> liking. The following files needs to be changed:
> - /etc/chilli/config: go through the options, and modify them as
> needed
> - /etc/chilli/ replace ppp0 with the name of the interface
> your server uses to connect to the internet.
> - /etc/chilli/www/splash.html: enter your company's name and replace
> the logo
> By using these files, you can easily create your own hotspot solution
> by changing the logo on the splash page and replacing the name and
> website address of your company (wherever you see "Your company's
> name" and "").
> This solution is JavaScript-dependent, but this should not be a
> problem, as modern systems have JavaScript installed and enabled, by
> default.
> I hope this may help you and other people to implement CoovaChilli
> successfully.
> Regards
> Gergely Kiss
> 2009/5/29 César Araujo <cesarsilvaaraujo at>
>         Well i would like first to thank all of you that are
>         helping-me :) cause im loving coova :D it is very powerfull.
>         My problem now is that i dont have net.
>         Explaining.
>         I type and i end on a url from
>         2f%2f10.1.0.1%2fhotspot%2fuam%2f%3fres%3dnotyet%26uamip%
>         3d10.1.0.1%26uamport%3d3990%26challenge%
>         3d88be6699daa6282bb61a2e312f3b1caf%26mac%3d00-1D-60-XX-XX-XX%
>         26ip%3d10.1.0.13%26called%3d00-0C-6E-A3-53-27%26nasid%3dwifi%
>         2540campingave%26userurl%3dhttp%253a%252f%252f10.1.0.1%
>         253a3990%252fwww%252f%26md%3dEF87074574DD3A134A708A36CF65F059
>         Then i should get and i end
>         up on but for now this is
>         not my "major" problem, so i manualy type
>         then i make login using test test and everything goes ok :D
>         then when i type for example on a browser i
>         dont get nothing. i end up on "server is taking to long to
>         respond" and i cant ping
>         nothing, no internet. :(
>         Any help is always apreciated :D
>         Thanks in advance.
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