Drupal “Hotspot” captive portal module

Introducing the hotspot module for Drupal to integrate this awesome Content Management System (CMS) with your CoovaChilli powered hotspot. In case you haven’t used it, Drupal is a powerful and highly customizable content management system written in PHP. It is used for a wide range of websites, from personal blog to large community-driven sites, and enjoys a very active open-source development and user community. Winner of the CNET 2008 Webware 100 Award and participant in Google’s 2008 Summer of Code, Drupal is sure to be well supported and widely used for years to come.

After installing the Drupal core, you can add all sorts of modules to fulfill your content dreams. With the new hotspot module, you can use your Drupal site for your WiFi Hotspot captive portal. Visitors are redirected to a particular page in your site whereby they are able to login and gain Internet access. As of now, the module does not integrate with the Drupal users database - rather, it simply provides a login for CoovaChilli which, in turn, authenticates users via RADIUS. The plan is to integrate the module deeper into Drupal to not only authenticate the Drupal users, but to also make it possible to configure and monitor your hotspot locations within Drupal itself!

Some other modules you might consider for you Drupal captive portal:

Do you use Drupal and want to use it for your captive portal? Come and help make it better by joining us on Drupal or in the Coova forum.