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David Bird mem.corruption at
Sat Sep 8 16:08:34 UTC 2007

Hmm... yes, I know the current CoovaAP release has some issues... I have
been focused more on chilli recently :)

The story is that CoovaAP 1.0-beta.5, trying to resolve some stability
issues, uses a non-standard OpenWRT whiterussian patch (sourced from the
OpenWrt forum on the stability issue). This actually has been reported to
fix the stability issue, but introduced a bunch of other problems. What the
patch did was to bring some kamikaze drivers into whiterussian. It also made
it impossible to upgrade the firmware using a .bin file (a change to mtd in
kamikaze). You should be able to use the .trx file just fine or tftp a .bin.
I perhaps rushed too quickly into releasing that version of CoovaAP.

The best solution would be to finally get CoovaAP on kamikaze instead of
spending time fixing whiterussian. But, this also has its issues. For one, I
wanted to roll out a new web admin interface when porting to kamikaze.
However, this still requires some work. The next release needs to be a major
one, with cleaner packaging and keeping with stock OpenWRT kamikaze base...
it is a work in progress for sure.


On 9/8/07, Peter Nixon <listuser at> wrote:
> David
> There seems to be a bug in the way CAP handles firmware upgrades.
> Basically
> the box does:
> Unlocking linux ...
> Erasing linux ...
> Writing from /tmp/firmware.bin to linux ...
> Then never comes back no matter how long you wait. A power reset of the
> box
> leaves it with the power led blinking and the box dead to the world..
> OpenWRT images can normally upgrade themselves (including crossgrade to
> CAP)
> so I guess you must have broken something in the CAP image to stop this
> from
> working. Any ides what? :-(
> Note. The only way to recover the box is to go through the tftp client
> proceedure..
> Cheers
> --
> Peter Nixon
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