CoovaAP: internal hotspot vs. ChilliSpot UAM

Jos Vos jos at
Wed Jul 16 09:27:12 UTC 2008


CoovaAP using the internal hotspot works fine for me.

But instead of I want to see an own hostname
in the URL.  At first sight I then have to change the HotSpot type
from "Internal HotSpot" to "ChilliSpot UAM".  But then I don't
manage to get the rest of the settings right, so that it behaves
the same as the internal one.

The splash page is ok, the URL of the login page I get looks correct:

I have added to /etc/hosts with the same IP
address as  But the login page just gives
me a complete blank page, without an error message.

Can someone give me some hints to solve this problem?


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