[Cap] CoovaAP + Captive Portal Questions

Roberto HT htdocs.beto at gmail.com
Sat May 29 01:12:41 UTC 2010


I was trying to setup a simple hotspot with captive portal in it. I choosed CoovaAP + LinkSys WRT54GL. The installation progress went well without any problem except I wasn't succeed in setup the captive portal.

Using Internal Hotspot, I got redirected but then it will stop at a page saying "An Error Has Occured" without explaining what kind of error. Plus, should we use Radius when using internal hotspot? How to configure the "internal radius server" then?

Using ChilliUAM. I follow the steps in coova.net documentation. I input all the Radius setting correctly but everytime I just got redirected to the coova.net page saying "Bad query" and "Invalid request or Internal Problem". It said something like that sorry I forgot the exact details.

So my questions are :
1). Internal Hotspot means all the captive portal is running on the router right? So should I configure the radius to the localhost? Or what?
2). ChilliUAM means the captive portal is redirected to coova.net/hotspot right? But why I always got the "Bad Query" page instead of login page?
3). Between the two above, which one is better?

Thanks for the help.

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