[PATCH] AnyIP + macauth

Raphael Vallazza raphael at endian.com
Thu Dec 20 19:31:03 UTC 2007


here is the patch i've "sent" to the forum :)

I've noticed some issues with anyip and radius macauth authentication,  
the patch is attached. Another fixed issue is that ippool_new didn't  
recognize if an already allocated ip was static (this happens if newip  
is called twice in a session, happens sometimes, maybe it souldn't...).

What do you think about a function (allocate_ip?) that encapsulates/ 
wraps all the newip/client ip assigning functionality? This way some  
redundant code (especially the ALPAPAD one) could be removed, i  
started coding it and it worked with UAM and macauth, but i didn't  
want to mess up things with other authentication methods.

The patch applies on 1.0.11 and on SVN.



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