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Sun Oct 7 18:28:56 UTC 2007

Here is something of interest to all coova-chilli users:

Yes, I admit the mistake of changing the default of coova-chilli to  
being something less-than RFC compliant. However, the option  
'swapoctets' has been in coova-chilli to reverse the non-compliance  
since the first "coova-" version. The above URL talks about the  
meaning of the Acct-Input-* and Acct-Output-* attributes in RADIUS.  
The change for chilli came when the primary concern was compatibility  
with other access controllers. However, this difference, and the  
possible user-configuration differences, means that the meaning of  
"Input" vs. "Output" may not always be taken for granted. Of course,  
in a closed homogeneous network, it is not a big issue. But, when  
considering roaming between entities, this could be problematic, indeed.

If you have addition or corrections for the table, login to the wiki  
and, well, you know.


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