http://ipaddress:3990/prelogin - HTTP ERROR 404 !?

Gavin Spurgeon gsp at
Thu Apr 3 13:42:45 UTC 2008

Hi list,

This I hope should be a simple question...

I am a long time user of Chilli and love it..
It has done what I wanted for quite some time...
I am now @ a stage that I need to move the chilli services to a new box, so
during the rebuild I decided to move over to CoovaChilli... The install was
Quick and simple, BUT now I have a problem with my test client on the
protected network. I have MAC Auth switched on, so if I add the MAC address
of the client into the Radius Server it works fine and is as expected (i.e.
Full www access, no problems...) if I remove the client entry from the
radius server, the client tries to access and can see the
"Redirecting..." page, but the when the URL changes to
http://{IP_of_Server}/prelogin all I see is a 404 Error - Page not found...

Any pointers that could help get this running would be welcomed ?

Best Regards

Gavin Spurgeon
Systems Administrator
Leigh Academy
gsp at
Tel: 01322 620501
Fax: 01322 620599
IS HelpDesk : Ext 541

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