uamanyip patch

Gunther Mayer gunther.mayer at
Thu Apr 3 22:07:12 UTC 2008

Hi David,

I've recently tried out the uamanyip option in coova and was very 
pleased at how well it works. I want to use it all the time in future 
across our network to simplify troubleshooting, should save a couple of 
support calls ;-)

However, I found a very annoying side effect of uamanyip: It spoofs ARP 
requests for just about anything. While that's the point of uamanyip, it 
makes it impossible to have other devices such as access points that you 
have to access for management purposes on the chilli network. Say chilli 
listens on and there's another access point with static ip (of course not part of the dynip range) to increase 
wireless coverage. As soon as anybody tries to ping or otherwise access because chilli will immediately claim it through arp 
before the real device has a chance to answer - it creates a race 
condition. Putting such devices on entirely different subnets makes no 
difference as their ip's will be stolen too. The only though somewhat 
ugly way I found around that was to clear the arp cache on my client and 
then force a mapping with arp -s.

So, I thought wouldn't it be cool to let chilli ignore arp requests for 
anything other than itself but only on its own subnet. Anything else 
will still be caught and spoofed as usual. Hence I came up with the 
below patch, I created it against 1.0.11-stable but applying it to svn 
(r161) proved trivial, as it's a very short patch.

I think this should be done by default as it allows devices on the 
chilli subnet to talk to each other properly (of course for real 
isolation one would use something like ebtables or a/p isolation). But 
of course the patch could be extended to make this optional 
(uamanyipignorelan?) if people wanted to keep the current behaviour. 


Index: dhcp.c
--- dhcp.c      (revision 161)
+++ dhcp.c      (working copy)
@@ -2595,6 +2595,14 @@
       return 0; /* Only reply if he asked for his router address */
+  else if ((taraddr.s_addr != options.dhcplisten.s_addr) &&
+        ((conn->hisip.s_addr & conn->hismask.s_addr) ==
+        (reqaddr.s_addr & conn->hismask.s_addr))) {
+    /* when uamanyip is on we should ignore arp requests that ARE 
within our subnet except of course the ones for ourselves*/
+    if (options.debug)
+      log_dbg("ARP: request for ip other than us within our 
subnet(uamanyip on), ignoring");
+    return 0;
+  }
   conn->lasttime = mainclock;

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