Accounting badly broken in v1.0.11

Gunther Mayer gunther.mayer at
Thu Apr 17 21:42:25 UTC 2008

Hi guys,

I just wanted to share my experiences with v1.0.11 with everyone 
thinking of upgrading to that "latest" release. At first I noticed our 
radius/db accounting entries got all messed up for some sessions and 
when I started investigating in more detail I stumbled across a whack 
load of spurious radius packets that chilli sends to the radius server 
halfway through the session or even after it ended:

    * replays of entire previous sessions (from accounting start to all
      interim updates, sometimes even all the way to accounting stop)
    * replay of current session (from accounting start to zero or more
      interim updates)
    * accounting-on packets

This can get really hairy to try and work around in the radius server 
code and is giving me grey hair. It seems like quite a serious bug to me 
but others here may have more robust radius code than mine so perhaps 
haven't noticed this yet.

David if this is all new to you I'll gladly follow up with a whole bunch 
of tcpdump's that I've prepared which isolate the problems. Reproducing 
this is fairly easy too, just fire up a session and watch the radius 
packets that flow past...

Has anyone been bitten by this too? Has anyone worked around this 
successfully? Has anyone experienced something similar at least in post 
svn r147 (1.0.11)?

I'm stuck here trying to release an upgrade to our system which involves 
JSON (I'm currently based on 1.0.6 just before JSON got introduced) but 
clearly cannot use latest release, am a bit wary of using bleeding edge 
trunk in production but also don't want to successively test each 
earlier release (1.0.10 has known issues, 1.0.7-9 anyone?) in the light 
of this.

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