Gunther Mayer gunther.mayer at
Tue Dec 30 08:35:01 UTC 2008

Oguzhan Kayhan wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a trouble with static ips..
> my IP settings as follows
> net
> dynip
> statip
> so it is suppose to work if some of my clients has ip addresses statically
> between 60.1 and 60.128 ..for ex. to my client with ip 60.20
> But, it doesnt work until i add uamanyip parameter to coova.
> What can be the reason. Or should i add uamanyip parameter to make static
> subnet work??

Hmm, we run an almost identical setup here. Our setup, translated to 
your subnets, reads like


Perhaps you could try that notation? It shouldn't really make a 
difference though and I must admit we always have uamanyip on so perhaps 
you've found a bug in coova after all...


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