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>> I have used the unofficial coova-chilli port, from
> Use

Thanks. This seems better as even the startup script is cleaned up. I have
updated to this version. I have seen the sample pf.conf which I can
customize for use, but I still cannot figure out how to get the user
connecting via the Access Point to be redirected to the authentication
I also cannot seem to find the hotspotlogin.php that Outback Dingo

What file do I need to call through Apache for hotspot login, among the
files in /usr/local/www/chilli ?
The are three files in /usr/local/etc/chilli/ -, and wwwsh -
am I correct that these files serve no purpose on FreeBSD? If so, what are
their replacements/equivalents?

 To quote Gunther Mayer: "You would have something like where the index page (e.g.
index.php) in /mylogin/ on your apache is your login script, coova comes
bundled with some stock chap based ones I think."

Now, my question is: Which file in /usr/local/www/chilli (or any other that
perhaps I am unaware of) do I use in such a case? I believe those answers
will get me moving in the right direction.

Thank you in advance.

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