preparing release of 1.0.13

wlanmac wlan at
Wed Dec 31 16:57:40 UTC 2008

> Hi, i wonder what is it and what are the advantages of it??
> A little explaination might be good for us about framed/login difference..
> #  Service-Type for MAC authentication changed to Framed instead of Login
> # Added option framedservice which changes the Service-Type from Login to
> Framed during normal (non MAC-auth) authentication

For the vast majority of installations, it'll make no difference. Most
people probably do not process the service-type as it was always "Login"

I added the option 'framedservice' which will make all Access-Request
use Service-Type of Framed as I heard some RADIUS servers require this. 

I switched the MAC Auth to Framed instead of Login since it makes more
sense -- making Login for an actual user login and Framed for the
automated MAC authentication. It will now serve as a way to further
differentiate a user login from a mac auth login. 


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