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JB list.coovachilli at
Mon Feb 11 09:33:04 UTC 2008


wlan at (11.02.2008):

>> Peter Nixon (10.02.2008):
>>> The other option of course is to use a radius accept with a VSA  
>>> that says to
>>> drop all traffic...
>> While I'm not against using a VSA per se, sending an Access-Accept  
>> although I don't want to hear anything from that MAC address again  
>> anytime soon is really not what an Access-Accept response is  
>> intended to be. Why misemploy this mechanism? Green means go, red  
>> means stop. Additional information comes with an (vendor specific)  
>> attribute.
> This is what I mean by working with RFC compliant gear/software. The  
> feature should be kept (if possible) within the RADIUS RFC, but not  
> at the cost of it working horribly wrong with other RFC compliant  
> devices not supporting the feature...

Yes, I understand your concern. I'll be happy implementing this  
feature with a VSA.
I guess there are no RADIUS servers out there, which enforce RFC  
compliance and wouldn't allow VSAs in an Access-Reject response? I  
know FreeRADIUS would play along due to its high grade of  

Do you plan to make the "droptimeout" parameter configurable via RADIUS?


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