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On Sun, Feb 10, 2008 at 10:30:22PM +0100, JB wrote:
> Counterquestion: Why would an administrator or developer activate/implement 
> the "chilli:drop" response, although there is no Chilli in use at all?

You cannot see the world only in black or white. There are a lot of
colors and of gray tones.

In my case, for example, i use the same radius server with the same
userbase to authenticate both wireless (chilli) connections AND users
using some kiosks totems that, of course, aren't using chilli.

Well, for lucky in my specific environment, the kiosk radius support is
written by me, so, every non standard or strange things can be managed
also on the kiosk side, but i think that there are a lot of other people
out of there that actually are using the same radius for chilli and
others devices not using chilli.


Franco (nextime) Lanza
Busto Arsizio - Italy

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