dynip/statip IP overflow

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Sun Jun 1 05:51:30 UTC 2008

Hi Oliver,

Are you by chance using either dhcpstart or dhcpend options? What  
version of chilli are you using? Check "chilli --help" to see if  
dhcpstart/dhcpend have default values (in the current svn, they  
default to '0' for disabled). If you are indeed using dhcpstart/ 
dhcpstop, make sure the range does NOT include the uamlisten IP...  
(so, if that is .1, use dhcpstart=2 and dhcpend=127).


On Jun 1, 2008, at 12:10 AM, Oliver Hinckel wrote:

> Hello,
> we're using dynip and statip in our chilli setup and noticed a  
> strange behaviour. When clients connect to our access point they'll  
> get a dynip from chilli. When another client connects to the access  
> point he'll get the next free IP address from the dynip network.  
> That all is OK.
> The problem is, that in case a client get's the last free dynip  
> from the dynip network and another client connects to the access  
> point, he'll get an IP address out of the dynip range.
> E.g. we have the following setup
> dynip
> statip
> In case a client will get the dynip address, the  
> next client will get It seems that the IP address is  
> just increased by one without checking against the dynip network  
> mask. This seems like an "overflow" too me.
> Anyone noticed this already? Is there a fix for it?
> Thanks for feedback.
> Greetings
> Oliver Hinckel
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