dynip/statip IP overflow

Oliver Hinckel info at ollisnet.de
Sun Jun 1 19:29:02 UTC 2008


Gunther Mayer wrote on 06/01/2008 03:57 PM:
>> E.g. we have the following setup
>> dynip
>> statip
>> In case a client will get the dynip address, the next 
>> client will get It seems that the IP address is just 
>> increased by one without checking against the dynip network mask. This 
>> seems like an "overflow" too me.
> That makes no sense. According to the above is neither 
> in the dynip range nor the last one.

.128 is the network number for the second network (like .0 for first 
network). You're right, that's not a real IP address which can be used.

> .129 would be the very first one 
> and .254 the last. Could you please give us a real example of "wrong" ip 
> address assignment?

Yes, .129 is the first IP address of this range. But I was in hurry and 
didn't realized that I have this typo in my mail. Anyway, thanks for 
noticing :)

> I'm operating a large network on v0.9.11 with almost identical setups 
> (also a statip .0/25 subnet with dynip .128/25), have experienced no 
> issues to date and in fact have just verified with one of the logfiles 
> of a busy site that indeed chilli wraps around correctly.

We'll check this again with a newer version of chilli as David suggested 

Oliver Hinckel

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