coaport on coovaap

Oguzhan Kayhan oguzhank at
Fri Jun 6 06:50:07 UTC 2008

>> It successfully deleted from radius, and even marked as admin
>> disconnect
>> at radacct table.
>> But!!!  when i check the webpage of coovaap, the users were still
>> there..
>> and connected as i figuredout with tcpdump.
>> So what do i miss?
>> Or is there another way of disconnecting users that i dont know
>> (except
>> webpage of coovaap)
> Is the user still authenticated (i.e. able to browse the Internet)?
> Or, do they just have a DHCP lease still (which makes them show up in
> the web interface list with auth-state 'dnat' instead of 'pass')?
My mistake,
As i see the username on coova page, i thought the user is still
authenticated.. And the tcpdump traffic was thru one of the "walled
garden" servers.
Ok it works.
But anyway, it might be good to see coaport option on web interface:)

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