[Chilli] Chilli complaining about an unknown IP address

Liran Tal liran.tal at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 21:13:49 UTC 2009

System is openwrt kamikaze with coovachilli 1.0.14

Running coovachilli in debug mode I see it flooding output about:
chilli.c: 1419: 0 (Debug) dropping packet with unknown destination:
chilli.c: 1412: 0 (Debug) cb_tun_ind. Packet received from tun/tap
ippool.c: 334: 0 (Debug) Requesting new static ip:
ippool.c: 354: 0 (Debug) Static IP address not allowed

I'm not sure where that is coming from though, I have no wireless clients
with .12 IP address
nor do I see this IP address in the router's arp table.

Any suggestions where this is coming from?
I do have another tun interface up for openvpn though it's a different

Sincerely, Liran Tal
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