[Chilli] [PATCH] Binstatusfile not moved after chilliredir fork - Rev. 257

Alberto Bellettato albesvs at yahoo.it
Tue Dec 15 18:13:31 UTC 2009

In rev. 257 there is a problem with the binstatusfile, that issues a message in the log files "(Directory not empty) /tmp/chilli-xxxxx".

That is caused by the rename(file,file2) not working (not moving the bin file) because file = file2 = file with old PID.
Infact file2 is set by chilli_binconfig(), that used the "bc = _options.binconfig" value (set to the old PID).

I think the /tmp/chilli-xxxxx dir should be clean when chilli stop too, but it is not a priority since it uses only 16 bytes.

Here is the patch.

Index: src/chilli.c
--- src/chilli.c        (revisione 257)
+++ src/chilli.c        (copia locale)
@@ -4170,9 +4170,9 @@
        log_err(errno, file2);

       chilli_binconfig(file, sizeof(file), cpid);
-      chilli_binconfig(file2, sizeof(file2), getpid());
+      snprintf(file2, sizeof(file2), "/tmp/chilli-%d/config.bin", getpid());

-      rename(file, file2);
+      if (rename(file, file2)) log_err(errno, file);


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