David Bird david at coova.com
Sun Dec 20 12:44:38 UTC 2009

# chilli --help|grep ssl
 --sslkeyfile=STRING       SSL private key file in PEM format
 --sslcertfile=STRING      SSL certificate file in PEM format
 --redirssl                Enable redirection of SSL/HTTP port
 --uamuissl                Enable SSL/HTTPS support on the uamuiport  

When using either of redirssl or uamuissl, you have to define sslkeyfile
and sslcertfile (which must contain valid PEM key/cert; key w/no


On Sun, 2009-12-20 at 13:41 +0100, Alberto Bellettato wrote:
> Hi David, 
> I have seen you have fixed the binconfig handling in rev. 266, so I
> tested it and I can confirm it works fine.
> Currently I am testing some new features, like redirssl and uamuissl, so
> I compiled with --with-openssl (and --enable-chilliredir) and I switched
> on redirssl.
> However, when trying to connect to a ssl site (before auth), I always
> receive the "ssl_error_rx_record_too_long" error from firefox.
> I am receving the same error when trying to connect to the chilli
> https://chilli_uam_ip:uam_port/prelogin after enabling the uamuissl.
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