[Chilli] Ippool exhaustion bug?

Gunther Mayer gunther.mayer at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 13 10:40:08 UTC 2009

David Bird wrote:
> Hmm.. 
> I think I see how this can happen. I likely added that ability to
> allocate a static IP out of tun_ind() so that truly static IPs would
> work (though, looking at it now, I don't think the code helps that
> situation since as you noted, it's not a fully configured dhcp lease at
> that point, just an entry in the ippool). I'm thinking it'll be wise to
> remove the call to ippool_newip() at this point in the code. Instead,
> perhaps it just goes ahead and accepts the packet if within the statip
> range -- then, presumably, the computer with the statip will reply to
> the packets, which will create the dhcpconn/appconn/etc properly (from
> the packet originating from the dhcpif).

I concur, it should be removed. I tested my patched code with "truly 
static IP's" and it still works fine without it (full connection 
allocated, times out after default 600 seconds "lease" time etc.). I've 
done hundreds of static IP mixed with dynamic IP setups in the past with 
1.0.11 (where that code wasn't in) and never had an issue. That piece of 
code is not required and it looks as though it never was (I thought you 
introduced it in a later version to make a particular new feature work).

Not sure if I still have commit access but I'm happy to commit this 
change and take credit ;-)


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