[Chilli] SSL on Chili

Johan Meiring jmeiring at amobia.com
Thu Nov 19 20:24:00 UTC 2009

Fernando Dutra Fagundes Macedo wrote:
> I think that I wasn't enough clear describing the problem in the last 
> message. I'll try to explain this issue with more details:
> The problem happens When coova chilli is configured to work with ssl and 
> a client tries to connect to a http server (port 80). In this 
> sittuation, coova redirects the connection to port 3990 which is working 
> with ssl. Although, the client have made a request to connect to a http 
> server, not https. So, the ssl negotiation fails, the client didn't 
> connect properly and presents a blank page to the user.
> We have been trying to solve this issue but we hadn't any good ideas 
> until now. The best solution we thought was to redirect the connection 
> to apache and after do a http redirection from http to https and then 
> return back the connection to coova.

Why are you (or is) chilli using ssl.  There is no point, as chilli only 
redirects to the UAM page agian, which may be SSL without issues....


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