dhcp relay

Oguzhan Kayhan oguzhank at bilkent.edu.tr
Tue Oct 13 08:04:19 UTC 2009

Anybody??? :)

I made a few tests more..
I installed dhcp server to another server.
And i also installed coova.
Lets assume DHCP server is on
and coova wan ip is
So what i need to enter on coova config i guess is,

But when i enter dhcpgateway

the msg i got on syslog is

Oct 13 11:00:04 gw coova-chilli[11812]: dhcp.c: 2262: received DHCP
response from host other than our gateway
Oct 13 11:00:04 gw coova-chilli[11812]: chilli.c: 4164:
dhcp_relay_decaps() failed!

if i enter dhcprelayagent

nothing happens..it still gives the ip addresses from coova.

Anybody experienced about that????

> Hello,
> I wonder am i thinking wrong about dhcprelay..
> I am planning to run a dhcpserver on same server with coova.
> And i want to disable coova's own dhcp server, so i can give static ip's
> to some of MACID's (like printers etc)
> I dont wanna use anyip and and dynamic-static ip masks.
> Because it creates other problems too.
> As i see it seems possible  via freeradius+jradius.
> What i wonder how (or can I) can i set coova to use local dhcp server
> instead of its own or freeradius..
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