[Chilli] chilli speed

David Bird david at coova.com
Tue Oct 27 11:49:53 UTC 2009


It has been a complaint that chilli is throughput limited on typical
routers (much less so on a typical PC). Doing some testing with
valgrind, not surprisingly, the one of the biggest time-sinks is the
check on the "message queue" that chilli established. This has been
around in chilli from the beginning, and is the mechanism for the forked
"redir" processes to communicate back to chilli (like, for instance,
when someone has logged in successfully). In the main chilli loop, the
queue is checked for messages on each pass... and for each packet
in/out! I've been doing some testing using a UNIX socket instead, where
the socket can be part of the select() (and not require the expensive
msgrcv() call) and has just about completely removed the overhead
associated in servicing this IPC mechanism. Anyways, I haven't test it
yet on a router, but it looks promising! 


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our anti-spam setup... fyi.  

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