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Mon Oct 26 10:55:09 UTC 2009

So if you have a 60 min lease then it would be renewed every 30 mins.<br>
I'm not sure of the exact state machine of most devices but I do know
from logs that most laptop's try to renew an existing (or previous) ip
address. I don't know what embedded devices (such as iphones etc) do.<br>
What is the network topoligy, is coova-chilli running on an access
(such as with openwrt) or have you got a server with 1 or more AP's /
devices connected via a switch?<br>
As for re-authing a session if that would be implemented I know I would
prefer it to be a configurable option (or at worse a compile time
option). Having EVERY DHCP request turn into a radius request could
cause a significant volume of traffic.<br>


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