Log out client when no accounting updates received

Johan Meiring jmeiring at amobia.com
Wed Sep 30 08:33:12 UTC 2009


Unsure whether the message below made it onto the list, can't find it in my 
inbox, so this is a resend.  (Apologies if it did).



I am running about 150 hotspots with chilli.

Sometimes (twice before) I ran into a situation where accounting packets
were not being processed at the radius server anymore.

The reason why accounting is not processed is irrelevant to this
conversation.  The assumption is that accounting packets are getting
lost somewhere on the way to the radius server.

This makes accounting data (and therefore revenue) disappear.

Is it possible (or fairly easy to modify chilli) to log out a user, if
e.g. 3 accounting packets have not been acknowledged.


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