[Chilli] Dynamic VLAN Assignement

Antoine Benoist antoine.benoist at univ-lehavre.fr
Thu Apr 1 12:18:16 UTC 2010

I'm on a project and I have to install a captive portal. Let me explains 
what we want :

A client connects on a switch via Ethernet, the PC receives a IP, and 
when the user ask for a webpage, he's redirected to the login page of 
the captive portal. He enters his login, and the captive portal checks 
on a RADIUS if the user is authorised. The RADIUS send back the 
authorisation and the VLAN in which the user is in. The captive portal 
accepts the user, the PC change the VLAN and receives a new IP.

IMHO, after lots of researches, I'm pretty sure that's impossible. But I 
would like to have some experts advices.

Thank you for you Help

Université du Havre

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