[Chilli] Radius with dynamic IPs

Fahd Kasri fahd.kasri at weblib.eu
Thu Apr 1 18:11:56 UTC 2010

Hi all,

First of all thanks for the help on my previous questions. I have several
wireless APs with Coova installed that have dynamic IPs and that use a
Freeradius server for authentication. When one of the APs IP addresses
change, the configuration for the client on the Freeradius server must be
updated, and Freeradius has to be restarted. I have scripts that do this,
but there are always times when my clients won't be able to connect. Is
there a way for Coova to know when the IP address has changed and to have it
run a script when this happens, for example when the Radius server doesn't
accept its request or when the connection to the server is dropped?



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