[Chilli] kmod-coova

Ming-Ching Tiew mctiew at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 7 06:25:33 UTC 2010

--- On Wed, 4/7/10, David Bird <david at coova.com> wrote:

> From: David Bird <david at coova.com>
> Subject: [Chilli] kmod-coova
> To: chilli at coova.org
> Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2010, 5:10 AM
> Hi,
> Been working on a concept for a kernel module for
> CoovaChilli. With the
> subversion code, configure with "--with-nfcoova" to have
> the module
> built. With the support built in, and the xt_coova module
> loaded, the
> idea is that authenticated traffic goes straight through
> the kernel and
> unauthorized traffic still goes through chilli user-space -
> enforcing
> captive portal and doing the walled garden, etc. xt_coova
> (which borrows
> from the 'recent' module) does a simple allow/drop decision
> based on
> authentication status. Some specific configurations are
> needed for this
> to work. 

What would be the implication of this change with respect to rate limit ?
Will per-user chilli attributes ( eg WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down ) continues to work in user mode ?

Will it make "group rate limit" ( verses per-user rate limit ) easier to implement ?  



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