[Chilli] init script and radconf options.

Damien Courtaillier d.courtaillier at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 14:43:17 UTC 2010

Hi everybody,

I would like to have a few tips about Coova-chilli v1.2.2-1 running on
OpenWRT kamikaze.

Starting with the init file (/etc/init.d/chilli):

When I try to start coova using the command /etc/init.d/chilli start, the
differents configuration files are created (main.conf, hs.conf, local.conf)
according to the /etc/chilli/config I set up, but I get the same error again
and again:

coova-chilli[10362]: options.c: 174: could not generate configuration
(/tmp/chilli-10362/config.bin), sleeping one second

The directory /tmp/chilli-**** is created (actually the number is different
at each start), but keeps empty.

When I start coova in debug mode directly from the command line (chilli
-df), it works well.

Any idea of where that issue could come from?

Now about the RADCONF options.

Is there a documentation for those options? I've not been able to fing
anything on the web.

Thank you for everything.


Damien Courtaillier
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