[Chilli] Squid transparent proxy on same server

Isidor Zeuner chilli at quidecco.de
Wed Apr 21 20:39:37 UTC 2010

Hi Jason,

> For the information of other (potential) users, I have not been able to get
> this successfully work with the Squid proxy on the same server as chilli
> (ie. HS_POSTAUTH_PROXY = I have confirmed, via lynx, that squid
> works fine for localhost/ connections, but it does not work through
> chilli for chilli authenticated clients.
> Debug logs showed redirection to squid, but according to squid logs it
> (squid) was not receiving the request.

You might want to check if iptables eats the packets chilli sends to
squid. In this case, putting LOG rules in front of the DROP and REJECT
rules should make them show up in the logs.

Best regards,


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