[Chilli] coova-chilli on Debian Lenny

Timothy nzkbuk at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 08:01:50 UTC 2010

To start lets clarify things a little. All 3 devices (Modem, Server, AP) 
can usually route traffic, so which one is the "router" that you're 
speaking of below.

Check your cabling between the AP and the server. You say that eth1 of 
the server connects to the AP and that it DOESN'T come up and you think 
it's correct. If you don't get atleast a link and it seeing the media 
NOTHING is going to happen.

One thing you need to remember is for Coova-chilli to work it MUST see 
the DHCP request. So you would need to make sure the AP below was 
configured as a dumb AP ideally on a second network range eg 
on it's LAN interface (so the client ip's (from coova-chilli) didn't 
overlap with the ap's ip address). Also make sure that DHCP is turned 
off on the AP.
Then the server's eth1 ip address would be

Make sure that the server and the AP can ping each other.


On 27/04/2010 22:27, SA R wrote:
> Hello!
> I have a Debian (Lenny) server running coova-chilli and have some 
> trouble getting dhcp leases past connected AP's.
> Set-up as follows:
> Modem <---> Debian server <---> AP
> The AP, a wrt54gl w/Tomato firmware, is getting a dhcp lease from 
> coova-chilli. Clients do not. If I connect the ethernet cable from the 
> server to one of the LAN ports on the router, clients get ip, but is 
> not redirected.
> Since the router gets an ip, I suspect there is error(s) in my way of 
> configuring the router. To clear up misconceptions:
> * From a standalone pc running coova-chilli, should the ethernet cable
> connect to the LAN or the WAN port of the router ?
> * I believe the router's dhcp should be off, but how should I set the 
> router's LAN ip ?
> * Should the router's gateway be set to coova-chilli ?
> A little server info:
> Freeradius (and Daloradius) is working as it should, the interface 
> facing internet gets an ip from the modem and the tun0 interface 
> facing the AP is getting the ip from coova-chilli. Eth1 that 
> physically connects the server and the AP is not brought up and is not 
> given an ip, this seem correct to me.
> What I try to achieve:
> A central server + "dumb" nodes that can authenticate users by way of 
> (free)radius.
> Freeradius, coova-chilli and apache in one package.
> Hopefully these are trivial questions that will make you laugh, point 
> and in your guruness provide a solution:)
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