[Chilli] MacAuth failing after wireless drop

Jason Allen jason at theallens.id.au
Thu Apr 29 00:28:47 UTC 2010

On 29 April 2010 03:33, Timothy <nzkbuk at gmail.com> wrote:

>  From my experiance a DHCP lease is renewed 1/2 way through the lease. So
> if you have a 60 min lease then it would be renewed every 30 mins.
> I'm not sure of the exact state machine of most devices but I do know from
> logs that most laptop's try to renew an existing (or previous) ip address. I
> don't know what embedded devices (such as iphones etc) do.

Reallocation and renewal are different types of requests in a dhcp lease
lifecycle. A renewal request would not require macauth processing, whereas -
like initial allocation - a reallocation does and should.

> What is the network topoligy, is coova-chilli running on an access point
> (such as with openwrt) or have you got a server with 1 or more AP's /
> devices connected via a switch?

Chilli on a Ubuntu server (VM'd) with 94 AP's (DHCP forwarding active)
across many switches.

>  As for re-authing a session if that would be implemented I know I would
> prefer it to be a configurable option (or at worse a compile time option).
> Having EVERY DHCP request turn into a radius request could cause a
> significant volume of traffic.

The reauth should only need to be additionally added to the reallocation
dhcp lease request, which would be a small percentage of total dhcp

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