[Chilli] CoovaChilli subversion current changelog

David Bird david at coova.com
Fri Apr 30 07:24:13 UTC 2010


== ChangeLog (CoovaChilli current svn revision) ==

* Bug fix for RADIUS (EAP) proxy
* Preliminary support for Netfilter NFQUEUE usage ''--with-nfqueue''
* Preliminary support for Coova Netfilter kernel module ''--with-nfcoova''
* Support for globbing of cmdsock filename(s) in chilli_query
* Compile option ''--enable-proxyvsa'' to have proxy port sniff out VSAs
* Runtime option ''--proxylocattr'' that defines the "location" attribute in MAC auth proxy requests
* Runtime option ''--proxymacaccept'' to have chilli always return AccessAccept for MAC auth proxy requests
* Improved ''chilli_redir'' main loop to optionally support poll/epoll (''--with-poll'') and no waiting for input
* Change such that MAC authentication happens during DHCP when not authentication, not just when 'unknown'
* Improved support for ethers file used with binary status file
* New option ''chilli_query listippool'' to list the IP address pool
* Bug fix in static ip allocation - particularly noticeable on 64bit
* Added ''Compiled with ...'' section to ''--help'' output to see compile time options
* Fix bootstrap: install missing automake files automatically
* Fixes concerning DHCP relay - rewriting of DHCP Server Identifier option
* Fixes for RadSec support
* Fixes for anydns

You will currently find the above in subversion. 


The 'listippool' option to chilli_query will show the chilli internal IP pool, for debugging purposes mostly. 

The MAC-auth on DHCP reneweral is currently there also, as discussed in the list. 

Most recently, fixed up the anydns which had issues (two issues for DNS server other than DNS1/DNS2: the dnsnat address tracking logic was faulty, and the nat'ing wasn't happening after authentication). 


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