[Chilli] a very common request

Thomas Liske liske at ibh.de
Mon Jan 11 11:29:50 UTC 2010


David Bird wrote:
> Hi all,
> I keep hearing about people wanting to define 'static' ip addresses to
> certain computers on their network. I'm experimenting with a feature
> that I think will be helpful ... to implement, basically, the equivalent
> of the "/etc/ethers" file (though, I don't think it needs to support
> hostnames, just MAC address to IP address mappings). 
> The way I have it now: on startup and on the --interval, it will read
> the file and will basically create a session (or "connection" in chilli)
> for each device and the specified IP. The connection will be marked
> "reserved" and cannot be removed (due to logout or lease expiration). 
> Thoughts? Good? Bad? Make it a compile time option? 

this sounds like an usefull idea. The should be a config option for the 
"/etc/ethers"-like file. The DHCP client should know the static MAC-IP 
assignments. Static assigned IPs should work w/o DHCP, too.


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