[Chilli] MiniPortal - Error on submit

Christopher Markovic chris.markovic at r-group.com.au
Mon Jan 25 08:05:25 UTC 2010

Hi all!

I have been having an interesting issue with the miniportal and coovachilli. On a submit it immediately fails with a cannot find server or dns error under ie. This is when attempting to submit on the /www/login.chi. Hitting refresh immediately brings back up the login page.

The curious part is after about 3 - 4 minutes of leaving the website on the login.chi page and then logging in, it will proceed correctly.

The debug logs show it always processing and attempting to return the login.chi page without error.

The only thing I have spotted which seems to correlate with the time out is the system does some DHCP Arp replying and DNS checking.

Has anyone else had the same problem?



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