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Gergely Kiss mail.gery at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 21:02:14 UTC 2010

Hello there,

I'm back with a brand new version of my web interface bundle, which is more
clever and fixes some major bugs compared to the initial release.

Let's see what's new in this version:

- Timeouts are set to be more user-friendly, which means the user always has
the time to read error messages and never has to wait too much if something
goes wrong. Default timeouts: refresh status page every 5 secs, timeout JSON
requests after 25 seconds, show error messages for 10 seconds before
refreshing status.
- Failed login attempts generate an error message - it's more logical, than
just redirecting to the login screen without telling the user what happened
- Redirections work correctly now - in some cases, the OS or the browser
sends a request to some remote site, before a user-specified site opens in
the browser, therefore a random site may be loaded after the user logs in. I
fixed this by reading the "userurl" variable from the request which always
seems to contain the URL entered by the user (or the browser's home page).
- When the user disconnects, the wait page appears for half a second to give
time to the logoff command to finish executing.
- The bundle has been tested with 4 major browsers (IE6-8, FF2-3, Opera 10,
Chrome). IE and FF run the code perfectly, while Opera and Chrome may have
some issues, probably because of their "improved" JavaScript engines. Opera
seems to silently ignore the URL passed to window.open (it just opens a
blank browser window). Chrome does the same, except that it loads the URL
(it's shown in the address bar), but refuses to run any JS code, just a
plain white page is shown to the user. These issues need to be fixed to make
the interface more compatible with different browsers.

Probably you could include this in the source bundle to be used as a
template, I made really easy to customize it. Just modify the placeholders
in "index.html" and "splash.html" and the interface is ready to be used.

Best regards
Gergely Kiss

On 30 May 2009 09:20, kissg <mail.gery at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi César,
> we have customized installations of CoovaChilli at two companies. They use
> it to provide internet access to guests, without risking the security of
> their private network. I've slightly modified the login process of
> CoovaChilli to fit the needs of our customers and to be as user friendly as
> possible. The process looks like this:
> 1. The user opens a browser window and tries to browse a website.
> 2. CoovaChilli redirects the user to the splash page.
> 3. The splash page contains the logo of the company, some welcome text and
> a button, which opens a popup window by using some simple JavaScript code.
> 4. A small window appears on the top right part of the screen, asking for
> the login credentials.
> 5. After entering the username and password, the small window gets
> minimized to the taskbar, and the requested page starts to load in the main
> browser window.
> 6. The login window stays opened as long as the connection is alive, so the
> user can see a lot of useful information (like session time, total data
> upload/download, idle timeout, session timeout, etc.). There is a button at
> the bottom of this window, which can be used to disconnect from the network.
> In case the user tries to close this window, a warning message appears on
> screen, telling the user that he shouldn't close the window as long as he
> want to surf the net. I've set idle timeout to 10 minutes, so it's not
> really an issue if someone closes the window without logging off first.
> I attached the whole /etc/chilli directory to this message, so you can use
> it as a template. Download the files and customize them for your liking. The
> following files needs to be changed:
> - /etc/chilli/config: go through the options, and modify them as needed
> - /etc/chilli/ipup.sh: replace ppp0 with the name of the interface your
> server uses to connect to the internet.
> - /etc/chilli/www/splash.html: enter your company's name and replace the
> logo
> By using these files, you can easily create your own hotspot solution by
> changing the logo on the splash page and replacing the name and website
> address of your company (wherever you see "Your company's name" and "
> www.yourcompanyswebsite.com").
> This solution is JavaScript-dependent, but this should not be a problem, as
> modern systems have JavaScript installed and enabled, by default.
> I hope this may help you and other people to implement CoovaChilli
> successfully.
> Regards
> Gergely Kiss
> 2009/5/29 César Araujo <cesarsilvaaraujo at gmail.com>
> Well i would like first to thank all of you that are helping-me :) cause im
>> loving coova :D it is very powerfull.
>> My problem now is that i dont have net.
>> Explaining.
>> I type www.google.com and i end on a url from
>> <>
>> Then i should get and i end up on
>> but for now this is not my "major"
>> problem, so i manualy type
>> then i make login using test test and everything goes ok :D
>> then when i type for example www.google.com on a browser i dont get
>> nothing. i end up on "server is taking to long to respond" and i cant ping
>> www.google.com
>> nothing, no internet. :(
>> Any help is always apreciated :D
>> Thanks in advance.
>> --
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>> Contactem-me para animação musical de eventos!
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>> AveFm - www.avefm.net
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>> Http://www.CesarAraujo.Net
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Msn: messenger at CesarAraujo.net
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