[Chilli] chilli issues

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Wed Jun 2 19:53:17 UTC 2010

Disclaimer: I'm not quite happy with chilli at the moment, so I may 
sound a bit grumpy. We've had some nasty stability problems with it 
lately and I'm having a hard time to get things to stabilize. This is my 
current list of things-I-think-need-to-be-fixed:

* if you run multiple instance of chilli they happily all use the same
   ipc file without giving any warning, with bad results
* if you configure the ipc filename with a full path, like you do for
   all other filename options, the option is silently ignored
* if the ethers file contains a comment or anything else the parser does
   not like you get a single message in the debug output and the file is
   otherwise silently ignored
* I thought there was an option to use an ethers file and automatically
   authenticate all MAC addresses in it. Currently you have to fake this
   by listing the MAC address in macallowed and in a users file with a
   dummy password (and in ethers as well if you want a static IP). This
   is awkward
* I have been completely unable to get MAC auth working using
   macallowed and a users file and had to resorting to a script to run
   a bunch of chilli_query commands on startup.
* if you do "chilli_query list -s <socket>" you get the output from all
   chilli instances on a server without any kind of warning or header
   indicating you are looking at multiple servers at once. This had me
   extremely confused for a while.

I suspect most if not all of these are easy to fix. I've already taken a 
stab at handling comments in the ethers file (commited, but untested 
since I ran out of time). I'm hoping David can follow up on the others.


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