[Chilli] chilli issues

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Thu Jun 3 09:20:25 UTC 2010

I've commited changes to fix these:

* if you configure the ipc filename with a full path, like you do for
   all other filename options, the option is silently ignored
* if the ethers file contains a comment or anything else the parser does
   not give you get a single message in the debug output and the file is
   silently ignored
* if you do "chilli_query list -s <socket>" you get the output from all
   chilli instances on a server without any kind of warning or header
   indicating you are looking at multiple servers at once. This had me
   extremely confused for a while.

My test environment is not working for some reason, so I haven't been 
able to test the changes. They are simple enough that they should be 
correct though :)


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