[Chilli] chilli restart twice and work

troxlinux xserverlinux at gmail.com
Tue Jun 22 04:49:22 UTC 2010

Hi, something stranger passes with the coova, when I restart my
network cards and I restart the chilli, and I open the browser, it
shows me the authentication window..

 but I comment the lines 20 and 21 and it no longer shows me the error,

error when I reboot the chilli

/etc/init.d/chilli start
/etc/init.d/chilli: line 20: .: /etc/sysconfig/network: is a directory
/etc/init.d/chilli: line 21: [: =: unary operator expected

lines commeted

#[ -e /etc/sysconfig/network ] && {
#    . /etc/sysconfig/network
#    [ ${NETWORKING} = "no" ] && exit 0

now so that it shows me in the browser the authentication screen I
have to make the following steps in opensuse:

1 - /etc/init.d/chilli restart

2 - rcnetwork restart

3 - /etc/init.d/chilli restart

some idea like I can solve this problem, some idea for where to guide me?

when I try to authenticate myself with user created with daloradius,
it shows me this error in freeradius log:

Mon Jun 21 22:30:31 2010 : Auth: Login incorrect (rlm_pap: CLEAR TEXT
password check failed): [ricardo] (from client localhost port 2 cli

I make several users with different authentication types, clear text,
md5, but it doesn't allow me log in

regards list ..



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