[Chilli] Hardcoded radsec secret

Tim Long tim at skyrove.com
Mon Jun 28 13:03:55 UTC 2010

Hi All,

We have trying to get coova-chilli communicate with radsecproxy over TLS.

We finally appear to have succeeded, but only discovering that the shared
secret is always "radsec". As in, it is hardcoded that way.

So even though the radsec page (http://coova.org/CoovaChilli/RadSec) says
that the radiussecret should always be radsec, this is misleading as it
implies you can change the secret if you want to. But you can't.

Perhaps the wording could be changed to "When radsec is enabled, the
radiussecret attribute is ignored and 'radsec' is used", or similar.

Many thanks,

Tim Long
Skyrove (Pty) Ltd
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